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Opened in 2000

This is where it all began. This is the birthplace of Kabuki cuisine, the origin of the business group and, according to customers, the most intimate establishment of all, perhaps because of its service or perhaps because of its size. When it opened its doors in June 2000, going to a Japanese restaurant in the Spanish capital was rare to say the least. Kabuki played an important role in changing that. Today it has a Michelin Star.

It was at this sushi bar where the famous fried egg, butterfish and hamburger nigiris were invented, through which we showed for the first time the meeting between Japanese and Mediterranean cuisines. These dishes were the first recipes of a new cuisine to which many others have been added over the years. With these nigiris began what we now know as Kabuki cuisine. And if there is one thing that characterises this cuisine, it is fusion, which, has defined gastronomy all over the world. When a society receives new products and techniques, many of them are assimilated into its cuisine, to create new dishes or simply to change some of the existing ones. Success lies in the existence of harmony between what we have and what we have been given. At Grupo Kabuki, in addition to tradition, customers enjoy the exceptional fusion of two gastronomic worlds, Japanese and Mediterranean. Currently, the chef of this restaurant is Victor Serrano and its management is in the hands of the irreplaceable, for her charisma and know-how, Chelo Pais. Both professionals and their team, some since the beginning of time as is the case of Ivanna, are an essential part of what our customers call the Kabuki charm.


Tuesday to Saturday:
From 13.30 to 15.45
From 20.30 to 23.45

(Closed from 6
till 28 August)


Av. Presidente Carmona,
2,28020 Madrid
T. +34 914 17 64 15


+34 914 17 64 15

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Dining Room

Presided by a sushi bar, this room was awarded the prize for best design of a commercial establishment in the capital by the Madrid City Council in the year it opened, and over the years it has not only maintained its charm but has managed to increase it.


The restaurant has a splendid terrace in the garden in front which is our customer’s favorite spot whenever it is open.

Take away

The restaurant has a delivery offer or also a take away option.

Abama Kabuki
Abama Kabuki
Tarta de Chocolate
Platos Kabuki
Tortilla de rodaballos Kabuki
Sushi Kabuki

Nuestros platos

Abama Kabuki
Nuestros platos
Tarta de Chocolate
Nuestros platos
Platos Kabuki
Nuestros platos
Tortilla de rodaballos Kabuki
Nuestros platos
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Gift Kabuki

Kabuki offers you the possibility of giving a different and exclusive gift, a gift through which you can enjoy Kabuki gastronomy and hospitality. An experience that will certainly be remembered for a long time.


We have a selection of menus that suit your needs. The menus can be complemented with one of the pairings that we offer or you can choose the drinks from our wine list.

In case you only wish to offer a wine pairing, a bottle of wine, sake or simply a cocktail, you can also do it and choose it from our menu.

Valid for any service at the restaurant, subject to availability.