A meeting point between the Japanese and Mediterranean cultures.

Our aim is that our customers feel happy and at home in our restaurant.
When we opened our first restaurant more than two decades ago, without any premeditation and sharing space with dishes from the purest Japanese orthodoxy, what eventually became known as Kabuki cuisine was born. It is a meeting point between the Japanese and Mediterranean cultures that over the years has been defined by the quality of its raw materials and the simplicity and elegance of its preparations, as we always try to ensure that each dish expresses its pure flavours. Kabuki’s service is characterised by being adapted to the society in which we live in.  It is a mixture of the Japanese respect and the Mediterranean hospitality. That is why, since the beginning, our aim has been that our customers feel our home as their own.

Restaurante Kabuki


The team is what has allowed us to develop the Kabuki concept.
To facilitate everyone’s participation in improving the concept, the research and development are decentralized in the restaurants, which, although sharing the same philosophy, are all different in order to adapt to the customers, the local products and the local gastronomy of each of them. ellos.

The mission of our corporate team is to provide everything necessary to the restaurants so that the restaurant team can focus on the quality of the preparations, excellence in service and customer satisfaction. To do this, we have experts in all areas who have previously been part of the restaurant teams and therefore know their operation and needs better than anyone else.

Kabuki cuisine is developed by the contribution of the chefs of each restaurant. They have always had the freedom to create their dishes and make them part of the menu of that restaurant as well as the common menu of all the restaurants in the group.

The managers of each restaurant are the ones who define and continuously develop the Kabuki service methodology.

In the beginning we were advised by Juancho Asenjo and his criteria are still present in our wine offer. Today we have a team of sommeliers in the different restaurants under the direction of Victor Riego and the supervision of Marc IbaƱez. Just like the chefs, the sommeliers have the autonomy to create their own menus within the criteria established by Kabuki.


The first Kabuki opened in 2000, it has a Michelin star and is our mother house, from this restaurant the Kabuki concept has been developed and expanded.

Kabuki Lisboa is located in an emblematic place of the Portuguese capital, the Ritz Galleries, which have been totally renovated.

Kabuki returns to the heart of the Salamanca neighborhood, on 39 Lagasca Street, in a place where you can enjoy Japanese cuisine, appetizers and cocktails typical of the Kabuki culture.

Gift Kabuki

Kabuki offers you the possibility of giving a different and exclusive gift, a gift through which you can enjoy Kabuki gastronomy and hospitality. An experience that will certainly be remembered for a long time.


We have a selection of menus that suit your needs. The menus can be complemented with one of the pairings that we offer or you can choose the drinks from our wine list.

In case you only wish to offer a wine pairing, a bottle of wine, sake or simply a cocktail, you can also do it and choose it from our menu.

Valid for any service at the restaurant, subject to availability.

Other activities

Kabuki apart from restaurants Kabuki has other concepts and activities that complement them and ranging from the renowned Kirei of airports, to the new Nihao kitchen concept Asian cuisine, the Kuenko of Miami and the industrial production of Asian food.

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